Monday, April 7, 2008

1,000th Visitor Today

Thanks to all the visitors who have ended up on the Combustible Dust Explosion and Fire blog. I know now that the efforts in providing helpful information regarding combustible dusts have not gone in vain. It be sort of strange making posts and no one reading them ...sort of like talking to myself.

Since the first post on March 1, I've learned quite a bit and learning more everyday about the various manufacturing processes that handle combustible particulate solids that generate combustible dusts. Every process has it's unique characteristics in generating combustible dust and it's important that the plant manager obtain an awareness of this complex subject and share this knowledge with all the employees in the company health and safety training program.

When I see Google search terms come up, such as minimum explosive concentration of grain dust, combustible dust testing, kst index coal, combustible wood dust in shop, and corn dust msds. Then I know viewers are actively seeking to acquire information in the prevention and mitigation of future dust incidents. Hopefully this Combustible Dust and Fire Explosion blog will provide an easy pathway in obtaining the information you seek.

Thanks again for visiting the site and be sure to leave your comments following the posts. That would help in generating constructive dialog on the subject. If the music that I added to the site becomes to irritating you can just click the pause button at the top left of the page.

Being that many blue-collar workers in the manufacturing industry work the shift schedule I figured it would be appropriate to add Kenny Chesney's song "Shiftwork" to the site. That what this site is all about...protecting all workers from the consequences of combustible dust explosions and fires, whether they work shift or not. It doesn't help that unfortunately I work shift also. So when I first heard the song..I thought yeah, I can relate to that. So for others who don't work shift you are not missing anything. But now you have an idea of what it's all about while you browse the contents of the site.

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